Why Spring May Be the Best Season of All

This afternoon was beautiful. It was a breezy, warm afternoon and I took Rowyn outside to play. I watched her run around in the wind. She played with her toys and helped me trim the bushes and sweep the sidewalk. We talked about spring and what it means as I trimmed off the dead branches. I told her about how spring brings new beginnings to the beautiful things around us. It brings new flowers, grass, and blossoms. It brings warmer days filled with sunshine. It brings us outside to play and enjoy this season God has blessed us with.

After having a pretty nasty winter and being cooped up in the house, it can leave a person, especially a mama, feeling down. There’s something about being stuck looking at the same few walls for days on end that make mamas feel depressed. During winter, mamas have to worry even more than usual about sickness and cold/winter weather affecting their children. That makes us recluse even more and although it can be good for physical health, it can affect mama’s mental health negatively.

That’s why Spring is so important. It allows us to enjoy things we have missed. We take for granted so many things everyday but when we don’t have things for so long, like the sun, warmth, nature, etc., we realize just how blessed we are that God created these things for us to enjoy. As I get older, I realize that it is truly the little things that bring joy to my heart. I think part of it is because my kids act this way. Watching Rowyn smile with excitement as she plays with her chalk and Finley screaming with delight in the swing, reminds me that there are things all around to enjoy if you just pay attention. In a world full of negative energy, thoughts, and events, kids have a way of teaching us to enjoy the positives.

So enjoy this beautiful season ahead of you. Let the sun fill you with joy and happiness. Put down your phone and TV remote. Get off the couch. Take your kids outside and teach them about this season. Enjoy life the way that they do.

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